Updated Pedal Boats for tourisst villages, resorts and hotels

“While all these years Aquablue was focused upon a main target : simplifying the user’s life , we have worked hard with only one goal: to simplify the lives of users creating indestructible pedal boats, canoes and rescue boats. To reach this goal, we needed to source the best raw material ever which will match the wood and fiber qualities while cancelling all their faults. We found it and are now producing our one boats with 3 lays Polyethylene”

Last generation boats

Our boats are manufactured with High density 3 lays Polyethylene which brings lightness and robustness.

However this raw material allow you to select the color you want among the wide color palette we are proposing without extracost !
Feel free to match your pedal boats color with the umbrellas and sunbed resort colors.

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